Sub Committees and Its Performance

This committee is being represented by the divisional committee leaders, divisional financial secretaries and organizational development secretary. The expected duties are enroll membership and related activities such as termination or cancellation of membership, recommending and opening accounts to the associate members and recommend loans for the use of the members, update the membership forms and holding of the meeting represented by te financial leaders. Also the committee involves and contributes to the cooperative business as well.

This committee is being represented by the secretary leaders of the committee insurance. This committee gathers once a week and the committee should be more than five members. The main responsibility is to discuss the letter submitted by the committees to open the insurance accounts, scrutinize carefully, and record it, complete the loan application and required supportive documents get the approval from the committee and examine it by the audit and finally submit it to the executive committee. Once it is approved record it in the book placed at the centre and hand it over to the committee. Also monitor whether it has been approved in the stipulated period, provide bills to the approved applications, maintain name list and sub name list. Do follow by this monitor the particular account and open up the accounts. Follow up on the accounts that were inactive and bring to the notice of the centre. Follow-up on the payables to the centre and finalize the documents of the members and make arrangements that the benefits reached the members in time.
This committee has been represented by the secretaries of the divisional welfare committees. The total number of persons will be five for this committee. The responsibilities of the committee will be approve the divisional “SUBHANI” loan applications, approve the welfare (during death) applications, approve the maternity benefit payment, approve all welfare loan applications, representing the divisional welfare committee at the zonal welfare meeting, submit the divisional welfare information with the “ SUBASATHAKA EKAMUTHUWA” welfare gathering meeting, when there is a death of a member assist him/her to get the benefit as soon as possible and support them in collection of the basic data or information .
The secretary of the health groups representing the divisional health committee, contributing to provide independent health service. Not to led the member to be vulnerable prevent from begging guide them to get the benefit from the women cooperative while popularizing the name “SUSEKA” and they were given light green color uniform to serve the poorest with appropriate health service. The health committee was formed by no of representatives from the divisional health committees. Encourage the members to open “AROGYA” account, assist in getting the benefits from the “AROGYA” account as well as distribute various color cards in relation with “AROKYA” accounts and document on member’s health status. Support them to get the benefits during eye operation/ contract operation and also support members in getting the benefits prescribed in the health policy.
The secretaries of the housing committees formed as divisional housing committee provide financial support to those who doesn’t have a house. These housing loans were granted with low interest rates and the scheme is in Operation Island wide.
The representatives for this committee will be members of the divisional entrepreneur committee members only. This will consists of 5 or more members. The main responsibility will be collecting and selling the products of the respective members of WOMEN COOP. Additionally the committee have to sell the products to a reasonable or affordable price to its members and expand its network through group to zonal then zonal to district and district to regional level. In addition facilitate agricultural roles to its members through women coop.
The responsibility of the cultural committee is to hold cultural meetings, approving the cultural loans, improving the cultural skills and talents of the members and their children, conduct awareness, support and conduct classes for dancing, music and drawings of their children’s of the members, appointing qualifies teachers for the classes create opportunity for the children to participate in events at zonal and regional levels and to develop dancing, musical and drawing groups.
The committee has been represented by the selected secretaries of the divisional child development committees. This group will comprise of 05 members. Creating a child friendly environment, opening up children savings accounts and transferring the accounts through journal once the accounts reached maturity, distributing child vouchers on 01st of October, organizing and conducting children gathering programmes, add the interest to the children accounts, inform to the people when the “PUTHUNI” accounts reach maturity and bring to the notice of the divisions and activities of the committee.
The main purpose of the committee is to provide education and trainings to the needy people, support for uniforms and educational materials, and assist financially for higher education. Guide the student based on his/her skill nd knowledge for example if they are interested n computer or drawing supports them to develop their skill in the preferred field.
5 committee members consists the disaster committee. When there is and disaster occurs the committees have to ensure immediate presence to the site and support the disaster affected communities. If the people needed any financial support arrange the interest free loans not less than LKR.30, 000.
At least 05 people have to be ensured to run the committee meeting. Approve agricultural loans and monitor women agricultural loans. Support them on input supply or directing the members to the right place to access the services. (Get fertilizer and related activities) , encourage the producers/farmers to pay the loan installments once they benefited from the intervention and monitor the agricultural loans and repayments and create awareness on agriculture products , supporting the farmers on new agricultural varieties that give long term and short term benefits and discuss the issues at the divisional meeting to find solutions.